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Northstar appointed local sales representative for dynamictemplate to Local Government in the UK

On Friday March 24 2017, Northstar and dania software entered an agency agreement appointing Northstar the local sales representative for dynamictemplate in the UK with immediate effect.

dynamictemplate is a Microsoft Office template management solution used by more than 150,000 public sector staff across the UK, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The software is specifically tailored to the needs of administrative staff working in the public sector, where millions of documents and emails are produced and issued every year, and the London Boroughs of Newham and Havering as well as Gravesham Borough Council have already adopted the solution.

dynamictemplate typically reduces the total amount of document templates from 800 to just 5 providing significant savings in time and money on maintenance. Furthermore, dynamictemplate will contribute to an increase in compliance and quality control by reducing the risk of costly errors.

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Media Contact:
John Williams
Managing Director, Northstar Services Ltd.
Tel.: +44 (0) 845 077 3109                                                

Lars Hintze Andersen
CEO, partner, dania software a/s
Tel.: +45 58 50 30 30



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