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Months of hard work are coming to an end, and we are now pleased to be able to relaunch! The website has undergone a complete design and user interface makeover, to better assist our visitors in navigating the site and thus finding the information they are looking for faster.

The site has dedicated sub-pages for solutions and integrations, complemented by an intuitive menu that makes navigating the site easy. The complete redesign also includes new product sheets that make it quick and easy to download a print-friendly overview of the functions in individual solutions and integrations. You will find the product sheets on the individual solution and integration pages.

We are certain that the updates to our communication channel will be welcomed, in that they simplify and streamline the user interface. The user will discover a modern and dynamic site, with optimized navigation and user-friendliness.

We look forward to receiving your feedback!


Did you know that with dynamictemplate’s Rule Engine module, you can automate selection and insertion of document content? 
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Did you know that dynamictemplate’s Statistics module makes it easy to collect and analyze data on the day-to-day use of templates, standard content etc.? 
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With accessibilityfixer, all users can easily control and expand accessibility in a document before converting it to PDF.
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dynamictemplate version 2.5.000 scheduled for release on Friday, 3 May 2019

We are excited to unveil dynamictemplate version 2.5.000, which will be available starting Friday, 3 May 2019 on our website via customer login. With version 2.5.000, we have integrated a series of functions we know you will like!

 The updates include the following:

  • The document title is now set from either the entered header in the template dialog box or from document content after inserting Standard Content. The content of the first paragraph found in the document with a header style is used. This also applies to integrations.
  • Adjustment of the dialog box width is now automatically based on the max. default value in connection with Standard Content insertion.
  • The Statistics module can be integrated in version 2.5.000 and is purchased separately.
  • Addition of a “Cancel” button in the Standard Content dialog box, which allows you to cancel insertion of the full Standard Content when a dialog box appears.
  • Addition of a search function in the Standard Content dialog box, to help find specific folders or Standard Content.
  • Addition of a right-click shortcut for adding/deleting Standard Content from the favorites list in the Standard Content dialog box.
  • Addition of a right-click shortcut for selecting favorite Standard Content folders that display when the Standard Content dialog box is started.
  • New installer supporting both Office 32- and 64-bit versions.

For more information about the changes and new functions in dynamictemplate version 2.5.000, you can access the full overview of new functions and patches via the customer login on our website.

dynamictemplate is a safe and flexible solution when writing digital and physical letters. Furthermore, the Doc2Mail interface makes it easier to support digital post.




After the implementation of dynamictemplate, we only use a few Word templates for case management in our entire municipality! Compared to previous years, the necessary maintenance only requires a minimum of resources today.




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