Idox Uniform-integration

Efficient and dynamic document production

dynamictemplate makes it easier and faster to maintain and update templates used by Idox Uniform and similar systems.

Dynamic and automatic management of logos, campaign fields and opening hours, etc. are handled by dynamictemplate in Microsoft Office for the documents used by Idox Uniform.

Standard content is maintained as separate Word documents with intuitive merge fields for Idox Uniform. Both the administrators and the end users wil benefit from the efficiencies gained by dynamictemplate.

One master template

The system administrator manages a single master template centrally on the file share and changes will take effect immediately. The results are reduced time spent on maintenance of templates and fewer errors caused by out-ofdate content.

About dynamictemplate

dynamictemplate is a Microsoft Office template solution for all public administrations where thousands of letters, reports, brochures, etc. are written and sent every year.

To manage this letter production, hundreds or even thousands of letter templates are used. dynamictemplate reduces the number of templates significantly and ensures automatic management of standard text content and layout, ensuring correct visual identity and minimising the risk of mistakes.



  • Only one master template
  • Save time on template maintenance
  • Efficient document production
  • Intuitive and automatic data merge
  • Assens_Kommune.png

    Now our 1,500 users can easily find the right templates – and we have a consistent graphic design on all our letters.

    Morten Alm, IT Manager, Assens Municipality

  • Egedal_Kommune.png

    When the Center for Social Service in Egedal Municipality implemented dynamictemplate and standardised the written decisions, the number of complaints has been reduced by half! In addition, the social workers save a lot of time writing and sending letters as the working procedure is much simpler now.

    Jan Falk, Team Leader CSS, Egedal Municipality

  • Gravesham.png

    We have decided to look at international best practice and here we found the dynamictemplate solution which has just been implemented in our local authority. It is a win-win solution which both considers the total needs of the staff, citizens and the council and we expect great results.

    Nick Brown, Director of Fin. and Env., Gravesham Borough Council

  • Hørsholm_Kommune.png

    After the implementation of dynamictemplate, we only use a few Word templates for case management in our entire municipality! Compared to previous years, the necessary maintenance only requires a minimum of resources today.

    David Schjelde, Special Consultant, Hørsholm Municipality

  • Kragerø_Kommune.png

    Since the implementation of dynamictemplate, we only use 6 Word templates in the entire municipality! The necessary maintenance is now an easy and almost insignificant task!

    Ole Magnus Stensrud, Councillor, Kragerø Municipality

  • Newham_hvid.png

    We found that the staff across the council were using hundreds of individually made document templates without any coordinated control of the design or ability to share updated content. By implementing dynamictemplate we could regain control of the branding while driving even more efficiencies into our shared services between Newham and Havering.

    Geoff Connell, Director of ICT, Newham and Havering councils

  • Aarhus_Kommune.png

    dynamictemplate is a safe and flexible solution when writing digital and physical letters. Furthermore, the Doc2Mail interface makes it easier to support digital post.

    Claus Huulgaard Sørensen, IT Consultant, Aarhus Municipality

  • Miller_Rosenfalck.png

    dynamictemplate enables us to create finished documents in line with our corporate design faster and more efficiently. In addition we find the software intuitive to use and we even save a lot of time on template maintenance. We highly recommend the dynamictemplate solution to anyone working with Microsoft Office.

    Steen Rosenfalck, Miller Rosenfalck - European Business Lawyers


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