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Strengthen your visual identity with a flexible, user friendly template

Tailored template solutions

Office templates from dania software ensure your documents and materials always uphold your company’s visual identity; that they embody uniform professionalism every single time.

Whether you need a simple letter template or a complete suite of specialised design templates, we are experts in translating your existing content into a user-friendly solution that saves valuable time and resources.

Reduce the burden of work, and let the template polish each letter, offer, report, leaflet and presentation to a shine.

Save time and resources

Our tailored Office templates make it easy and fast to create new material, and ensure that document data, sender details, signatures etc., are always imported correctly.

Employees are never left in doubt over which details to include and have no need to make design decisions or adjustments – the template itself collates and presents all the necessary information as it should appear.


Flexible advanced functions

Will the template be used in different markets, with different languages, or across departments that have different styles? Our flexible solution removes the need for multiple templates and simplifies the adaptation to a few simple choices presented in a user-friendly menu.

Complex and graphic intensive materials become manageable and accessible for everyone. Users simply select the relevant sections and illustrations to obtain a completed document with the text and graphics in place.

More benefits with dynamictemplate

Templates in dynamictemplate can be integrated, providing options to gather and insert data from external systems. You also gain access to dynamictemplate’s Standard Content functionality that streamlines the insertion of standardised texts.

Don’t start from zero with each new document, but instead let our Office templates make it easy for all employees to strengthen your brand with consistently professional materials.


Simple and quick:

  • Letters
  • Notes
  • Reports
  • Offers
  • Presentations
  • Leaflets
  • Posters


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