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Save valuable time with optimised document production

Centralise your legal content

The dynamictemplate platform gathers all your templates and standard texts so that final documents can be generated with just a few clicks in Microsoft Office and Office 365.

The solution systematises document production, so that everyone can create complex documents quickly and simply, without concern over errors or struggles with formatting.

Optimise your resources and save time and money by automating trivial document tasks.

Advanced dynamic templates

dynamictemplate cuts your many templates to a manageable central collection that drastically decreases the maintenance of content and design. With the solution, you only need one template to cover all draft contracts, company incorporations, or letters of agreement.

The template’s resource management saves time-consuming data entry by automatically inserting all relevant information and logos. The template imports the necessary party’s details and data from the connected CRM, case system, or Active Directory.

The solution is tailored to your needs and can be enhanced with additional advanced functions such as dynamic design and language management.

Streamline your complex content creation

With dynamictemplate’s Standard Content structure, all standard content is stored in a central library. This prevents time from being wasted on finding and reusing old content, as employees can insert complete standard formulations, clauses, law excerpts, etc., with just a few clicks.

A designated super user creates and maintains the available text snippets according to current paradigms and practice – right from Microsoft Office.

Standard Content can contain anything from a simple text snippet, through to complex automated structures, that enable the selection of specific formulations and context dependent passages.

When Standard Content is inserted, the user is led through options to fine tune the content to meet the specific purpose. The result is a completed document, created in a fraction of the usual time, and with minimal effort.

A natural part of the process

dynamictemplate's flexibility makes it easy to embed the solution into your practice’s existing processes. Template and content management in Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint allow you to create standard emails, merge sources and presentations quickly.

The solution also integrates with over 50 separate systems that can all provide data to dynamictemplate and deliver case details directly into a document. See the growing list under Integrations.

High quality from few resources

dynamictemplate optimises the preparation of your legal material so that even comprehensive contracts can be written quickly and effectively.

Use your time wisely. Get document creation done quickly so that your lawyers can focus on providing advice and on strategic opportunities.

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Dynamic and central updating of:

  • Templates
  • Contact and sender details
  • Logos
  • Service details
  • Standard Content
  • Attachments


  • Miller_Rosenfalck.png

    dynamictemplate enables us to create finished documents in line with our corporate design faster and more efficiently. In addition we find the software intuitive to use and we even save a lot of time on template maintenance. We highly recommend the dynamictemplate solution to anyone working with Microsoft Office.

    Steen Rosenfalck, Miller Rosenfalck - European Business Lawyers


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