Get the most out of your systems with dynamictemplate

Full-time access to relevant data

dynamictemplate supports a wide range of EDRMS, specialist- and lookup systems, making it possible to import and export data to and from these when documents and letters are created and sent.

With an integration to an EDRMS or specialist system, dynamictemplate’s templates can collect data directly from the system and automatically populate a recipient’s details and case data upon creation of a document.

If the necessary details are not currently accessible, then they can be collected from a lookup integration, that can quickly deliver data such as recipient details from an NI number or tax number.

An ever-increasing choice

A list of all available integrations can be found below – and more are added frequently in response to requests from new and existing customers.

If you use a system that does not yet appear in the list, please contact dania software to check whether the integration is in development.

Integration Overview


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