Streamline your templates with one common platform

Optimise document production

dynamictemplate gathers all your templates in Microsoft Office and Office 365 on one platform.

The solution systematises the process such that a few clicks are enough to create complex documents, where all the information is correct and formatted automatically according to your brand design.

The central placement means that employees always use the same up-to-date templates and resources, regardless of their department or geographical location.

Stop wasting time fixing up old documents, and instead let dynamictemplate produce quality correspondence without risking errors or omissions.

Dynamic templates ensure quality

With dynamictemplate’s advanced templates you can easily maintain content and visual identity from one central location.

The template’s design includes checks for all relevant data being entered, no matter which document type is created.

The built-in profile and resource management integrates with Active Directory, so the template will always insert the correct sender details, logos, service information etc., for the correct department or subsidiary.

The solution is tailored to your needs and can include many additional functions such as language management, which enables a single template to cover all your company’s markets.

Centralised content library

dynamictemplate's Standard Content structure gathers all content in centralised standard texts. Whether a user needs to create a project brochure, datasheet or a contract, the document can be quickly pulled together with all the correct descriptions and attachments.

When a Standard Content item is used in e.g., an offer template, the user is guided through options to automatically insert the necessary datasheets, illustrations, specifications, etc.

A few clicks and key presses yields a complete and correct proposal document – and with options to use Standard Content in Microsoft Outlook it’s just as quick to send the document in a standard email to the customer.

A powerful tool for the day-to-day

dynamictemplate gives access to a group of powerful functions that streamline your business processes. This includes tools for rule based content insertion in documents and central management of Outlook signature, among others.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (or similar) makes the solution a natural fit with your existing routines. This enables you to create new documents directly in your existing systems and have access to all the relevant data throughout.

Save time and resources with dynamictemplate

Increase productivity with dynamictemplate, and produce quality documents quickly and effectively, that are pristine in form and content – no matter who produced them.

Avoid frustrating errors and time-consuming maintenance and instead free up valuable resources for other projects.


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Dynamic and central updating of:

  • Templates
  • Logos
  • Campaign graphics
  • Standard Content
  • Attachments
  • Profile details
  • Opening and telephone hours



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